The Best Resume was started in 1999 in response to a need for help with job searching by military members,  and college and graduate students. They expressed a need to have someone with significant business experience review and write or re-write their resumes, to help prepare for interviews, and to offer job search and career advice.

What makes different is that this is not another resume factory – this is personalized help with resumes and more, by someone who cares.

As a business executive, I have been responsible for hiring hundreds of employees, and have personally reviewed thousands of resumes, and conducted thousands of interviews.

As a retired U.S. Naval Officer I understand how to navigate both the civilian and the military worlds.

As a Business Professor at Georgetown University, at The George Washington University and at Indiana University on both the undergraduate and graduate levels — and as an international  business, academic, and conference speaker — I have spoken with thousands of people about getting the job they want, what it takes to cut through the clutter, how to interview and how to negotiate the best compensation package possible.

You will get practical advice on what works, and what does not, based on many years of executive experience, and more than 20 years as a college educator.  I will personally review and write or re-write your resume and cover letter. I will personally work with you to prepare for the interview process. 

The key is to understand that resumes and interview are used to de-select candidates.

When I worked with my college recruiters in HR at AT&T I watched as they glanced at a resume and then put it in one of two piles. One of those piles was put aside; the other was again separated into two piles, and this winnowing process continued until there was a small enough pile to look at in greater depth. This is the process most companies use and many have automated it.

You have about seven to ten seconds to make an impression.

Then you will go into the “yes” pile or the “no” pile based on those ten seconds.

If your resume isn’t The Best Resume you will not be selected.

When you think of all you have invested so far to get to this point in your life, isn’t it time to invest in your future? 

Isn’t it time for you to have The Best Resume?