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When you consider how important your career is, these are small investments in your future.

The price for a one to two page resume review is $119.00. I will personally review your resume, make recommended edits to it, and send it back to you. We will do this as many times as it takes for both of us to be satisfied that you have The Best Resume. 

If your resume is three to five pages the price is $159.00

If your resume is six pages or more the price is $189.00

The price for a cover letter review is $89.00. If you do not have a cover letter, I will write one for you. If you have one, I will review it and suggest changes to it.  

Practice interview: list of interview questions to answer and a list of those to ask, 90 minutes of phone interview and critique, and the answer to the salary question. This is a great deal at $99.00.

Additional Services: Review of Personal Statement, Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ’s), Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSA’s), job descriptions, letters of reference, or other application materials or career advice:  $99.00 per page or per hour.

Please  see the discounts page for a list of organizations eligible for an ADDITIONAL 10% discount.